About Us

Welcome to the home of the Jade Quarry Tequatl Alliance. We are a group of Guild Wars 2 players primarily on the Jade Quarry server who have come together to defeat Tequatl the Sunless, the undead dragon lieutenant of Zhaitan. We coordinate our activities on our own dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. Everyone is welcome to join us, whether JQ natives or friends from other servers. A basic overview of our setup and tactics can be found in our Essentials guide.

With megaservers, we meet at a set time every day to choose a map layer. Our current schedule (as of 10 March 2015) is:

  • Daily – 7:30 pm EDT / 4:30 pm PDT    (30 minutes before daily reset)

Joining us on Teamspeak is the easiest way to get a ferry into our map layer.


Our history began in September 2013 with the release of Tequatl Rising. After Tequatl was finally beaten on Jade Quarry following days of hard work, many of the participants continued to organize successful kills primarily at the daily server reset time -- forming Jade Quarry's so-called "Reset group". Since then, we have continued defeating Tequatl each day during North America evening hours with a nearly 100% success rate. Our current kill streak has been ongoing since November 29, 2013. Even after the megaserver change and the dimishment of server identity in PvE, we persisted in playing together and maintaining our strong tradition of Tequatl kills. A recording of one of our kills was streamed at EGX London 2014 by ArenaNet to showcase the Tequatl encounter.


Our TeamSpeak 3 server costs $10.00 USD each month to maintain. We appreciate any and all donations towards keeping it running. See our Donations page to contribute.